Spencer Hill Press is proud to announce that we have two new imprints starting in 2013: Spence City will publish urban fantasy with a noir edge, while Spencer Hill Contemporary will release YA contemp titles.

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Who’s going to Another Anime Con?

Kendra L. Saunders of Spencer Hill Press will attend AAC (Another Anime Con) this month and will host two helpful literary panels. One is the popular Five-Headed Muse panel, which gives attendees tons of insider information about the writing, publishing and marketing process. The other panel focuses on what writers can learn from the world of fan fiction (What You Can Learn From Fanfiction). Both panels will include chances for questions and for the attendees to snag some Spencer Hill Press SWAG, sign up for the SHP mailing list and possibly snatch up an ARC/free book or two!

Kendra is the marketing coordinator at Spencer Hill Press and has a special passion for sharing tips about writing and social media for both new and experienced writers alike.

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Spencer Hill Press at the NEIBA conference

A few members of Spencer Hill Press and Spence City attended Wednesday and Thursday of NEIBA this week. It was quite fun to meet booksellers in person and hear their thoughts and opinions on the book industry and on bookseller/publisher relations.

Here’s a picture from the event:

Here is a picture from Providence’s historic Biltmore hotel:

Among other things we talked about during the NEIBA conference was that booksellers and bloggers would like to have more open dialogue with publishers, since all of us love books. No matter if we’re a reader, blogger, seller, publicist, author, publisher or distributor, we should work together to promote literacy, imagination, great ideas, dreams and the future of our world.

I’d love to hear from you. Ask box us some more information about you, or your opinions on the relationship needs between the publisher and YOU. Are any of you booksellers? Are any of you bloggers? Does your bookstore want to get more ARCs, more bookmarks, more SWAG?

Amarok Blog Tour

September 3- TAKEN Name- Seeing Night Reviews/URL- http://seeingnight.blogspot.com Name- Live To Read/URL-  http://livetoread-krystal.blogspot.com/

September 5- TAKEN Name- Fall into Books/URL- http://falln2books.blogspot.com/

September 12- TAKEN Name- LovLivLife/URL- http://www.lovlivlifereviews.com/

September 21- TAKEN Name- Rants~N~Scribbles/URL- http://rantsnscribbles.blogspot.com/

September 28- TAKEN Name- Novels on the Run/ URL- www.novelsontherun.blogspot.com

October 1- TAKEN Name- Lovey Dovey Books/URL- http://www.loveydoveybooks.blogspot.com

October 3- TAKEN Name- Kaidan’s Seduction/URL- http://kaidansseduction.blogspot.com/ 

October 5- TAKEN Name-Obsession with Books/URL- www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

October 8- TAKEN Name- Reading Angel/ URL- www.readingangel.com Name- Emily’s Crammed Bookshelf/URL- http://emilyscrammedbookshelf.blogspot.com/  Name- A Bookish Libraria/URL- http://abookishlibraria.blogspot.com

October 10- TAKEN Name- DJ Librarian Dishes/ URL- http://djlibrariandishes.blogspot.com/ Name- Book Reader Addicts/URL-  http://bookreaderaddictsgiveaways.blogspot.com/

October 11- TAKEN Name- Booking It With Hayley/ URL- http://bookingitwithhayleyg.blogspot.com/

October 12- TAKEN Name- Stuck in YA/URL- http://lovesbooksreviews.blogspot.com

October 15- TAKEN Name- Words at Home/URL- http://www.wordsathome.ca/ Name- Hooked to Books / URL-

October 17-TAKEN Name - Letters Inside Out/ URL - http://www.lettersinsideout.net Name- Books Complete Me/URL- www.bookscompleteme.com

October 19- TAKEN Name- Reading Lark/ URL- readinglark.blogspot.com Name- Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf/URL  - http://www.moonlightgleam.com

October 20- TAKEN Name- Book Whisperer/URL- www.book-whisperer.blogspot.com

October 22- TAKEN Name- The Rest Is Still Unwritten/URL- http://rachybee-the-rest-is-still-unwritten.blogspot.com.au/

October 24- TAKEN Name- Always YA at Heart/URL- http://www.alwaysyaatheart.blogspot.com

October 26- TAKEN Name- Shiirleyy’s Bookshelf/URL- http://shiirleyysbookshelf.blogspot.com/

October 29- TAKEN Name- Book Passion/URL- http://bookpassionforlife.blogspot.com/

November 1- TAKEN Name- Leisure Reads / http://www.leisurereads.com/

***If your blog would like to join the tour, please contact Kendra ( ksaunders@spencerhillpress.com )

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Spencer Hill Press now has facebook pages for two of our upcoming titles!

Amarok (11/2012): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amarok/354959867907189

Touch of Death (1/2013): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Touch-of-Death/332373670180917

Head on over and check them out!

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Spencer Hill Press Is Looking for People Who Love Books

A call for publishing interns! We are looking for enthusiastic, capable, organized interns to be part of our team. You must be a lover of Young Adult fiction and be able to work remotely.  

We have four different internship tracks/opportunities available for interested applicants.

UPDATE! Due to the high level of applications, we’ll be closing submissions for internships on Friday!

Read More

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Dan Cohen's BEA Experience (be ready to laugh out loud) →
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Spencer Hill Press spring newsletter

Hi everyone,

Spencer Hill Press is growing! We signed some amazing new authors during our open submissions this winter, and we’ve got some great new titles coming out in the next few months: 

  Pure: The Second Covenant Novel (Jennifer L. Armentrout) will be released on April 3rd. It’s got forbidden love, danger, gorgeous demi-gods, conspiracies, and a pool scene that—well, you gotta read the pool scene. The first book of the series, Half-Blood, has received great reviews and has an amazing fan-following.

  Elemental, the debut of Emily White, will be released May 1st. The story of Ella—a girl who escapes the prison spaceship on which she’s been held since she was a child and searches to discover who she is and why she was taken—is by turns funny, terrifying, and swooningly beautiful.

  Betrayed (Ednah Walters) will be released June 5th. It’s not easy for Lil to balance a normal high school life with being one of the Nephilim, especially when someone is trying to lure her to the dark side. This is an exciting, addictive read.

And here’s a sneak peek of the fall releases:

  Cursed (Jennifer L. Armentrout) will be out in hardcover (our first hardcover release!) in September. After a fatal car accident, anything Ember touches dies. And that, well, really blows.

  A revised edition of Minder (Kate Kaynak) will be released in September with a new look. At Ganzfield, every social interaction carries the threat of mind control, a stray thought can burn a building to the ground, and people’s nightmares don’t always stay in their own heads. But it’s still better than New Jersey.

  Deity: The Third Covenant Novel continues Jennifer L. Armentrout’s amazing series in November, and like the name implies, the gods aren’t just sitting back and letting things play out anymore.

  Angela J. Townsend will debut with Amarok on November 20th. After crashing her car on an Alaskan road, Emma finds herself in a world in which magic can transform people into animals, and love can be found in unexpected places.

Come find SHP at Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention Teen Day, Anime Boston, or BEA (Booth 4447). Please find more info about releases, author signings, and other events on our website: http://www.site.spencerhillpress.com/Events.html

The call for submissions is now open for Holiday Magick: http://www.site.spencerhillpress.com/Holiday_Magick.html

If you would like to request review copies of any of our books, please use our new reviewer form: http://www.site.spencerhillpress.com/Reviewers.html
Please understand that review copies are limited, especially for soon-to-be-released titles, but it’s never too early to request future titles.

Take care, and happy reading!

  Kate, Debbie, Vikki, Rich, Trisha, Osman, Danielle, Kendra, Jessica,  
  Marie, Nick, Laura, Shira, Kathryn, Keshia, Alex, Owen, Patricia, and Kendra
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