Have you met our Spence City authors and books…?

Many Spencer Hill Press fans aren’t aware that Spencer Hill Press is now the proud parent of a really cool imprint— Spence City! Spence City releases dark, delicious, funny, adventurous and romantic titles just like SHP does, just aimed at a slightly more grown up audience. Many Spence City books will appeal to SHP fans.

So get to know some of Spence City’s books and authors and follow Spence City on twitter now for updates. You’ll be GLAD YOU DID! This week we feature Jennifer Allis Provost and Kendra L. Saunders. Check back soon for DK Mok, DC Farmer and Errick Nunnally.

NOTE: All SC books are available in ARCs and can be requested here: http://www.site.spencerhillpress.com/Reviewers.html Currently SC is putting together blog tours for their books and want YOU to be a part of it. Request an ARC today!

Copper Girl

Jennifer Allis Provost, author of COPPER GIRL:

Q: What’s your favorite aspect about your book (scene, character, writing voice, humor, etc)?

Without a doubt, my main character Sara. She’s smart, funny, and tenacious. Her world and her family are crumbling around her, and yet she keeps trudging onward, convinced that someday she will be able to put the pieces back together. Ever since the Magic Wars - when magic was the definitive loser - Sara has been forced to hide her mark, the copper raven emblazoned across her back that marks her as a descendant of one of the most powerful magical bloodlines still in existence. Even worse, she works at a boring office job, even though her family is positively drowning in old money, just to blend in with the populace. Eventually, Sara meets a handsome elf lord named Micah, but he doesn’t rescue her. No, Sara rescues herself.
Q: What will a Spencer Hill Press fan love about your Spence City book?
A: There’s action and adventure, both in the Otherworld and the Mundane world, oppressive governments, a sexy elf man, an evil queen, and a copper girl who refuses to give up. what’s not to love?
Kendra L. Saunders, author of Death and Mr. Right

Q: What’s your favorite aspect about your book (scene, character, writing voice, humor, etc)?
A: My favorite thing about Death and Mr. Right is the fun turn-around of so much of mythology. I’ve always thought mythology is fascinating, and in our modern age, we have such a different set of variables to deal with. I wanted to play with the mythology that 21st century people would create. So we have ‘agents’ in the place of gods, and there are agents in charge of everything from fashion to the efficiency of the post office to falling in love or whatever. And I tried to present all of this with that screwball humor of my favorites in the genre- Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman.

Q: What will a Spencer Hill Press fan love about your Spence City book?
A: Everything about this book is perfectly acceptable and appropriate for a Spencer Hill Press fan. The book can be read by anyone 13 and up, easily. There’s very little offensive material in it- much less than I see in a lot of “YA” material at the bookstore! The characters are not teenagers, however, they’re in their 20s. I think teenagers will love this story because it’s still about transitioning in life… instead of the transition from high school into adulthood, it’s the transition of early adulthood… or, in the protagonist’s case, from “life” to “death” and back again! I think Spencer Hill Press fans will love this book, really. It’s funny, quirky and a touch romantic.
Add Death and Mr. Right to your TBR pile!
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