The MA-HUSSIVE Spencer Hill Press Giveaway ends tomorrow!
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Whisper Falls first few chapters available for free!

The first chapters of WHISPER FALLS are now available free:

Go get them now before the sequel’s release tomorrow!

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Watch "2 Book Reviews! (NO SPOILERS)" on YouTube →

2 Book Reviews! (NO SPOILERS):

Everyone please give a HUGE congratulations & welcome to…

lizawiemer whose debut novel Hello? Is being published by Spencer Hill’s contemporary line! 🎉🎊.

Welcome to the fold Liza! Great to have you on board with us 😃

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Take a Tour Behind the Scenes of the Sing Sweet Nightingale Photo-shoot with me – Kit Nichole.



"How did you get approached to do this?"

My mom is actually friends with Danielle Ellison, the editor, and she asked if I would be willing to do it, and I said I would love to.  We’re also friends with Jeremy West who is the cover designer.


"What was the most exciting part of photo shoot? What was the hardest?"

The most exciting part was definitely getting to play with the masquerade masks! We all had different ones, and with our makeup and masks we looked really dramatic and it was so fun!  


The hardest part was probably trying to depict Mariella when I hadn’t actually read the book! Erica gave me a summary of her character though, so I think we did a pretty good job!

"How long did it take to get that shot that was used for the cover?"


Well we tried a few different set-ups, so that took a little while, but that specific picture was super easy! They told me to lie down and pretend to be asleep, so I did, and we were done in no time!  

"Do you feel an extra connection to the character since you portray her?”

Unfortunately my copy of the book hadn’t come in the mail yet, so I haven’t been able to read it! But anytime I read a book with a picture of the character on the cover, I constantly flip back to it to remember exactly what they’re supposed to look like, so I think it’ll be funny to flip back and see myself ;)

"Did they know exactly what they wanted for the cover or did you guys play around with it?"

We played around with it a lot! They had a few ideas and a bunch of different props, so I would just pick different things up, and they’d tell me what to do with them, we had a lot of fun with it!




"Who was there with you on set?"

With me personally, I only had my mom, but Jeremy, Jeff, and Lauren (the photographers) were there, a few members of the wonderful Spencer Hill Press staff, along with the other two girls (who were posing for the covers of the other books in the series) and we all had a lot of fun together. It was a great group!


"What are your favourite book covers?"

That’s a really tough one. I would definitely have to say the new Harry Potter covers (obviously ;), The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin, and Entwined by Heather Dixon!

"If you could be on the cover on any of book, which would you pick?"

I think I would have to say Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins or Die for Me by Amy Plum , if I’d get to go to Paris ;) Or maybe Burn for Burn by by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian because I heard the models had a lot of fun during that shoot!


"What did you find most rewarding about the whole thing?"

I think the most rewarding part was getting to watch Erica’s reactions as we portrayed her characters! She was so excited and it was so cute!! I loved getting to do that for her:)


"Can you tell us something we’d otherwise never know about the Sing cover?"

Originally the cover photo wasn’t supposed to wrap all the way around the book, but after taking a few shots in other styles, Jeremy brought in the couch, and it was so pretty we wanted to be able to see the whole thing, and Jeremy said he could do it, so he did!

Also, everyone knew I had blonde hair like Mariella, but it wasn’t until I walked through the door for the shoot that they also realized I had brown eyes like her too! And I’ve never read a book about a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes before, so that was really exciting :)



Well I definitely learned a few things from reading this! Thank you for the insight Kit, it really looks like you had fun. It was great to have you on the blog.

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It’s coming!

Keep an eye on our tumblr. The guest post should be up today, EXCLUSIVELY on Tumblr! (Aren’t you glad you follow us now? 😉)

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Send us your questions!

Have you sent in your questions for Kit (our Sing Sweet Nightingale cover model) yet?

Remember, YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW ie the 4th of March!

Email them to us at:

Tweet us @Spencerhillp or send us an ask box message right here on Tumblr before it’s too late!

It couldn’t be any easier 😃

Our Tumblr is being taken over! ;)

Have you heard? @kit_nichole the cover model for byericacameron's Sing Sweet Nightingale will be taking over the SHP Tumblr soon to guest post for us!

Wanna know what it was like to shoot the cover?

Send in all your questions to with the subject line “Guest post question” (to make it easier for our awesome readingwithme team!) by March 4th!

Can’t email? Just ask box or tweet us at: @Spencerhillp
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Follow Me Through Darkness cover reveal!

We can finally reveal The Follow Me Through Darkness (releasing October 2014) cover!

Only there’s a slight twist.

It’s being revealed in parts!

But good news! All of the pieces have now been revealed so you can skip right past the wait ;)…

See part 1 here:

Hop on over here for part 2: Done with Part 2? Here’s part 3! Want more? Here’s part 4! And last but not least here’s part 5 from the cover designer herself Hafsah! We 💚 it! What do you think?
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Good news! You don't have to wait to read Sing Sweet Nightingale! Why? Because it's on Netgalley! →

And don’t forget to check out the other books in our Netgalley catalogue whilst you’re there 😉…

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It’s here!

The covers of DAMSEL DISTRESSED + IMOGEN UNLOCKED (by kelsnotchels) has been revealed!

Go check it out (and let us know what you think!)

AND that’s not all! You can now pre-order the paperback on
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Spencer Hill Press’ Reading With Me is looking for interns!

Spencer Hill Press/Contemporary is seeking new interns to work on their Reading With Me team!

There are three internships available that focus on social media, publicity, and writing!!

The internships will begin the last week of February and go until the end of the year. Interns will have opportunities such as interacting with authors, reading ARC’s, running book club related events, interacting with readers via social media, and learning more about the publishing industry!

If interested, please email:

For more information.

Feel free to attach a resume and tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in the amazingness that is books!

Deadline for applicants is the 1st of February! 

We want you, come & join us!

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