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June 1st is an exciting day for SHP

Here at Spencer Hill Press, we have two exciting parties taking place today.

First is the release party for Ednah Walters’ Betrayed: Check out the info and review and then enter to win a free tshirt!

Have you read Emily White’s Elemental? If so, join us today for the Great Reviews Elemental party! We’ll be sharing our love of Emily’s book, munching on some delicious virtual cupcakes and watching Emily’s livestream at 8pm EST!

Live Chat with Emily White!

Live chat with Emily White at Mind Reader on May 1st! That’s right. Launch day! She’s bringing presents. :)

13 1/3 Minutes

13 1/2 Minutes is the strangest little literary podcast that you’ve ever heard. Each month, host Kendra L. Saunders asks the questions that no one else ever thinks to. From important questions about zombie invasions and the validity of Yoda’s wisdom, to the ins and outs of writing and publishing a novel, 13 1/2 Minutes provides an entertaining and insightful glimpse into literature.

13 1/2 Minutes is currently #6 on, and you can help make it #1 by listening or downloading the debut episode! Guest author Emily White talks about her upcoming debut novel, Elemental, and her reasoning behind wanting F. Scott Fitzgerald on hand during a zombie attack.

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Books Complete Me: Interview with Emily White →
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Kendra L. Saunders Interviews Emily White

Kendra for Pure Textuality [Kendra]: Elemental is your debut novel, but we writers know that writing and publishing are completely different veins of the writing life. How many novels had you written before Elemental, or was it your first finished full-length project?

Emily White [Emily]: I’d only finished one novel before ELEMENTAL, but it showed me I could finish one. I’d started so many stories over the years I’ve lost count. Unfortunately, none of them really made it past the first 100 pages. 


Kendra:  I’ve noticed that writing is similar to acting in so many aspects. Even just the research involved in writing a novel can leave you with traces of your characters and settings. Did you feel yourself becoming any of your characters as you wrote, or taking on some of their habits and quirks?

Emily: Yes, yes, yes! Oh my goodness do I agree with you. I actually studied a little bit of theater in college, so I like to compare acting to a lot of things…

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