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Attention all attendees of Anime Boston 2012!

By now you may be finishing your costumes, buying your train/plane/bus tickets and attempting to remember where you put your spending money for Anime Boston (hint: while it seems like money just vanishes, it usually turns up at the bottom of an expensive cup of coffee. Wait, did I say that out loud?)

Here’s something fun to add to your plans for Anime Boston! Spencer Hill Press will be participating in a sort of scavenger hunt giveaway on April 7th. SHP’s very own Kendra L. Saunders will be attending the post-apocalyptic themed AB 2012, Saturday and Sunday only, and carrying with her a treasure trove of free giveaways in her magical Mary-Poppins-style bag. (Actually, the bag belongs to her sister, but that’s beside the point). To receive free swag (like t shirts, advanced reader copies of upcoming books, bookmarks, guitar picks, vouchers for free e-books, etc) simply follow kendrybird on twitter. That’s!/kendrybird

Kendra will update her status with her location throughout Saturday and Sunday and you will have the opportunity to hurry your little legs as fast you can to find her. (And don’t worry, despite how quickly she walks, she makes frequent stops to take pictures, talk to cool strangers and stare at things that are shiny or sparkly). Giveaways will be a first come, first serve basis, but Kendra has hired some slave labor (that aforementioned sister) so she intends to carry a lot of good stuff with her.

So head to twitter now and follow kendrybird, and if you don’t like or just can’t figure out the whole twitter thing, simply look around for the steampunk group The Vagabonds (their leader has bright blue hair and usually carries scary-looking weapons). You can’t miss them, and Kendra will be sticking with them most of the day. For more on them, visit their page:

Or, if you’re really industrious (and nice), you can set up something really sparkly and set out some cupcakes and I can assure you, Kendra will come find YOU.

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